Vendor setup

Friday 5 PM – 8 PM

Saturday 7 AM – 10 AM

Doors will open at 9 AM for Vendors on Sunday

Absolutely no venomous reptiles are allowed to be brought in, sold, or held for pick up.

All local, state, and federal laws must be obeyed. Please be prepared to show the proper permits if necessary.

All animals must be kept in clean, secure, and humane containers. The promoters of the show will be doing walk-throughs throughout the day. If we feel that an animal is in poor health, or held in poor conditions, you will be asked to remove the animal from your display.

All live rodents must be properly contained. The vendor is responsible for securing and catching any escapees.

Each exhibitor is responsible for ensuring that no animals leave their exhibit area unless under the control of an employee or customer. Each vendor is responsible for recapturing any escaped animals without unreasonable disruption to other exhibitors or guests. Any escaped animals must be immediately reported to East Texas Herpetological Society. If your animal escapes and causes damage you are responsible for that damage.

Exhibitors who choose to remove animals from their enclosures or allow guests to handle their animals are responsible for maintaining control of the animal at all time. Each exhibitor is exclusively liable for any damage to property or personal injury resulting from handling of their live animals on the host facility premises.

Vendors with animals, please be aware that at all events East Texas Herpetological Society strives to work with host venues to keep temperatures at levels that would be reasonable for the needs of most herps. However weather conditions should be taken into consideration and East Texas Herpetological Society advises that vendors should make any necessary preparations they consider appropriate for their specific animals. If it is unseasonably cold or hot, please take special precaution.

Please be courteous to all show guests and vendors. All vendors are expected to act in a professional manner. Inappropriate behavior such as (angry outbursts, verbal threats or physical violence) will not be tolerated. The vendor will not be allowed back the following year and may be asked to exit the show immediately (without refund).

There are no exclusive vendors for certain products such as feeders, supplies, enclosures, species, etc.; however we will try to keep a balance to ensure the show has a variety.

Any vendor sharing a booth or selling animals on consignment for a friend is responsible for those animals on their table. The vendor who rents the table is held responsible for following all the show rules.

East Texas Herpetological Society is not responsible for any theft before, during, or after each event.

Since the show coordinator must deal with the possible misinterpretation of these rules or numerous unforeseen problems, the show coordinator reserves the right to remove any animal or any exhibitor for any reason.

No dogs allowed except service dogs

We reserve the right to refuse table reservations