Grants Program

Grants Program

The East Texas Herpetological Society (ETHS) conducts an annual Herpetological Grants Program.  Applicants should be upper-level undergraduate or graduate-level students attending a college or university and doing research in herpetology.

Preference will be given to those focusing on the state of Texas and reptiles/amphibians found in Texas, especially projects in the eastern third of the state.  Research in other states and countries will be considered on a case by case basis.  Completed applications, CV’s/resumes and letters of recommendations must be emailed, mailed or faxed to the ETHS Grants Committee Chairman (see below for contact information).

This year’s available funds are: $1500 plus $500 for the Charles Edward Shaw grant (click here for more information) and beginning this year, $500 for the new Dr. James Dixon Herpetological Grant (click here for more information).

Application deadline: TBD

Note for International Students: it is the responsibility of the student to ensure you are able to deposit/cash a USD check should you be awarded a grant.  All funds are dispersed as a check in US dollars.

Grant Application Checklist:

1. Application form (PDF document)

2. Letter(s) of Recommendation

3. CV/Resume

Letter of Recommendation:

Applications must be accompanied by an email or letter of recommendation from the applicant’s major professor, advisor, department head, or person responsible for overseeing applicant’s research and should include a statement regarding the significance of the applicant’s research and intended use of grant funds.

General Notes:

  • Any supporting documentation, publications, letters of recommendations, CV’s/resumes, etc. are welcome and encouraged to accompany the application to assist in the grant decision-making process.
  • Grant recipients will be asked to provide a status of their research the grant helped fund throughout the funding year.
  • Grant recipients should provide copies of any publications, papers, presentations, etc. as they are written and/or once the research is complete.
  • Grant recipients may be asked to present results of research at an ETHS general meeting and/or yearly conference.
  • Grant recipients agree to acknowledge the East Texas Herpetological Society in any publications concerning the supported project and agrees to comply with all local, state, and federal fauna regulations.

The entire grant application package including any supporting material should be emailed, faxed or mailed to the ETHS Grants Committee Chairman (see below). For questions or comments, also contact:

Jonathan Perez
10946 Pigeonwood Dr.
Houston, TX 77089

281-380-8148 (phone)

281-858-2246 (fax)

[email protected]